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You will find all the HOA's important documents below. Included are the bylaws, rules and regulations and forms.

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1018814 CC&R's CC&R's302910 MBccandrs_on_web_link[1].pdf5/25/2011
201676114 Sixth Declaration of Annexation Sixth Declaration of Annexation368177 KBlaveen_meadows_sixth_declaration[1].pdf12/19/2012
309914 ByLaws ByLaws9602 MBlvm_bylaws[1].pdf5/12/2011
4060527714 ByLaws - Second Amendment ByLaws - Second Amendment70801 KBlvm_second_bylaw_amendment.pdf11/16/2021
5010014 ByLaws - Amendment ByLaws - Amendment51539 KBBylaw_Amendment[1].pdf5/12/2011
6016150614 Flag Policy Flag Policy21676 KBflag_policy_addendum_to_guidelines.pdf11/20/2017
7022930814 Amendment Regarding Trash Can Placement Amendment Regarding Trash Can Placement26175 KBamendment_regarding_trash_can_placement.pdf8/14/2018
8045420414 Inoperable Vehicle Amendment Inoperable Vehicle Amendment13260 KBinoperable_vehicle_amendment.pdf8/6/2020
9045420714 Security Camera Rule Security Camera Rule255130 KBsecurity_camera_rule.pdf8/6/2020
10045420814 Appeal Process Appeal Process10582 KBappeal_process.pdf8/6/2020
11045420914 Collection Policy Collection Policy15610 KBcollection_policy.pdf8/6/2020
12045421114 Commercial Vehicle Policy Commercial Vehicle Policy149447 KBcommercial_vehicle.pdf8/6/2020
13064158114 Fine Policy- Revised 2022 Fine Policy- Revised 202263232 KBlaveen_meadows_fine_policy-2022.pdf2/28/2022
14073036514 Architectural Rules and Landscape Guidelines Architectural Rules and Landscape Guidelines5240 KBarchitectural_rules_and_landscape_guidelines.pdf11/23/2022
15073021314 Fine Policy - Motorized Vehicles Addendum Fine Policy - Motorized Vehicles Addendum2598 KB20221115174658969.pdf11/22/2022